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Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry.

Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread.

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Here's my Special Hobby / MPM Lockheed Vega, in 1:72 scale.  It's Amelia Earhart's plane, as it looked when she flew the Atlantic.  Not only is the most famous of her flights in the airplane, but it also wore the simplest paint scheme of it's career at that time, which was great for quick building.  The kit went together remarkably well, despite the lack of location features.












Looking forward to the next blitzbuild!

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Narvik Class Destroyer Z38, Baltic, early 1945.


Revell re-pop of the original Matchbox 1/700 kit. Painted with Akan Soviet Navy colours and a little bit of Vallejo.










Thanks for looking :)



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I thought that I would try something different for this Blitzbuild and decided to have a go at this laser cut Aircraft Control Tower by ROKR. It comes with a clockwork music box mechanism to drive the gears and that rotates the tower and raises the aircraft up and down.


Now there are only so many images you can take of a tower that looks the same from each side, so I am afraid that this single image will have to suffice until I can figure out a way of loading the video file on my camera into Flickr.


ROKR Mechanical Music Box

Aircraft Control Tower



by John L, on Flickr


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MiG-29 "Swifts" 1/144 totally OOB


Here she is, one mad rush from 11am ish this morning. She's a little rough in places and the Decals are still wet and wrinkley, they were a right mare to get on due to their size and thickness, and arent totally lined up in some places, they should look a lot better tomorrow with a good soak in more microsol but I'm out of time so these pics will have to do!


Build thread:





Flash didnt work on the last two sorry ><




Thank you to our glorious host and thanks for looking, it was fun to try and crack this out in a day and was a nice pallet clenser after finishing the Mustang.



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Here is the Red Iron 1/35 Luna-2 probe about to smash into the moon, 13/9/59.


Front and side pictures with a weird green cast for some reason...


20210830_225337 20210830_225350


Its a better colour "at home".


20210830_225756 20210830_225903


Now I don't know what to do at Christmas...Red Iron Sputnik 1...Captain Rabbit USS Monitor...


Whichever. I can't wait.



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Vintage Classics kit from Airfix - lovely little kit with plenty of fun in it for the money. Thanks for looking in and another great Blitzbuild weekend.






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Special Hobby EoN Eton Glider - 1/72nd scale.


A whole 6 parts to this one, Humbrol rattle can Silver and EZ-Line rigging.








Thanks for visiting!



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Here's my little XV-4A Hummingbird in 1/144. This is a resin kit from Anigrand. The Hummingbird was an experimental V/STOL jet in the early 1960s. The idea was to provide a simple observation jet that could support Army units from forward positions. It had two engines and a ducting system to create the vertical lift.




It's very small - sits entirely in the palm of my hand. Apologies for the not perfect photos!



Also it's an epic tail sitter. There was no way on Earth I could have got enough weight in that cockpit cavity to hold it down. So I installed the two little seats and accepted it.




To give an idea of the airplane's size,  I posed it next to the old Dragon F-5F Aggressor.




I was kindly gifted this kit by fellow Britmodeller @rafalbert - this is the first of several he gave me that I have completed.


For those who may not know, you get these small mystery kits, usually three to a pack, when you buy an Anigrand "Huge Bird" in 1/144 - this one comes in the Starlifter kit. I've previously built several others that came with my (incomplete) 1/144 Nimrod.



Here is the build thread:


And here is an interesting period mini-documentary about the Hummingbird.


Thanks for looking!



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