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Tea Taster

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Hello everyone, I often refer to the wonderfully knowledgeable threads and inspirational builds on here, and thought it was about time I took the plunge and joined in.

Glacial builder, prolific hoarder.  

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Hello TT, and welcome to the group. 

I might not talk for everyone here *cough* but for myself I do feel a slightly higher velocity on the incoming end of my inventory than on the finishing side of my bench as well, so; relax, talk free and open - you're among friends!


Oh, and for the tea: we might all be a little mad at this little party here, but we do have a finer selection of tea. As long as these are from Darjeeling, I might add. First Flush, Second Flush, Avongrove, Orange Valley, Pussimbing - you name it. We have Greens and Oolongs as well, but we're a bit short on Assam or ceylon, I'm afraid. 

("We" means the circle of Me, Myself and I, of course...)

So, a warm welcome from Vienna and looking forward for you builds and inputs!

Cheers, Guenther

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Greetings from not too far away (near Surbiton). I think we're all hoarders, I'm waiting for one of those TV hoarder programs to have a modeller on it!


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