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GBU-15(V)1/B (648624) 1:48

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GBU-15(V)1/B (648624)

1:48 Eduard Brassin




The GBU-15 was a development of an earlier type, and was intended to neutralise (read: vaporise) high value targets, saved for special occasions due to the unit cost, using a TV guidance system that was initially only able to be used in daylight hours.  The (V)1/B was the initial version, with more capability such as night vision added in subsequent variants, but it was originally intended for use solely with a Mk.84 dumb bomb, having the seeker head and guidance fins added to the basic unit, plus forward fins that are unusual because they look as if they have been fitted backwards, with the long taper toward the rear.


As is now usual with Eduard's medium resin sets, they arrive in the deep Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags, one of which is made from bubble-wrap, and the instructions folded around acting as further padding.  There are two bomb units in the box, and they are pretty large as LGBs go.  The forward fins, clear seeker heads and FOD guards are in a separate bag, while the decals are in their own. 




Construction is straight forward after removing the parts from their casting blocks, which should also be pretty easy, due to Eduard’s commitment to keeping the pour gates to an absolute minimum.  The forward fins fit into slots in the body, remembering to go against your instincts and put them in the correct way round.  You also have a choice of employing the clear seeker that slots right into the hole in the nose, which also has detail moulded into it, or cutting off the nose and installing the FOD guard instead.  Unfortunately, they don’t give a value for the amount to remove either on the paper instructions or online, but from eyeballing it I’d estimate 3mm, but check your references before you put saw to resin.


The painting guide is printed in colour on the front of the instructions, and as usual quotes Gunze colour codes along with the colour names to assist with painting.  The few stencils dotted around the weapon are also shown on the same diagram, and from my experience with their decals, they should provide no issues.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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