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Hans Philipp'? (JG-54) Bü 131 in 1942

christian Boehm

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Hello folks

Does somebody own this book ?




In this one there must be a picture of the BÜ 131 flown by Hans Philipp (KG-54 in Russia 1942)


There are different interpretations of the painting

Thanks a lot ?!



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Page 216, "Thus Bucker Bu 131 was assigned to JG54 and was photographed in Russia during March 1942 (Bundesarchiv)"

Taken from roughly in front of the port wing tip, full fuselage (code SB+?, heart symbol under cockpit) and most of port wings in frame, starboard wings hidden, one man standing near the engine aft of the propeller, one man crouching in front of port wing, inboard of wing struts. Aircraft seems to be parked in longish grass, starboard wing with some sort of cloth over it, the mean appear to be working on hiding the aircraft.

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Buongiorno Giampiero


I am so stupid !

I own all LIF (and even worked with Axel Uhrbanke on "Schlangen - Stukas" - see N° 7 you'll find my name , Christian Boehm as contributor)


Actually I was troubled about it because I found pictures without the JG 54 Nürnburger Stadtwappen as well


I just didn't look my LIF back issues ; I did and everything is clear and explained


On Hyperscale , a helping colleague sent me these ones again, see:




Congratulations for your Bü ; very nice !

If my one is half so nice I would be happy


As you are from Italy , see my CR-42 ( Rhodos) 




It is the Italaerei on but with Pavala wings (I found the structures too marked on the Italaerei)






Have a nice sunday








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gone too fast....


hello Giampiero


I am going on with my Bu-131 now on the delicate spaying stage of white winter overhall ...

2 things:


1) question your (very nice) Bücker is which scale , 72 or 48 ?


2) remark :  you're right in  'Luftwaffe im Focus 2006-N°10. you can find 3 interesting Photos of that plane and this is from afar the best doc on that subject


The 3 different  photos are

> 1st  :North Russia - April 1942 ( and NOT , mistake of the author, 1941 because that date is before Russia's invasion) with both  2/ JG-54 and JG-54 Ist Gruppe emblems on the plane 

> 2nd: in repainting aspect in a closed hangar , WITHOUT (and before re-application see 3rd)  JG-54 Ist Gruppe emblem

> 3rd: in winter 42-43 , with skis , close to a FW-190  ( so clearly later ) WITH (again)  2/ JG-54 and JG-54 Ist Gruppe emblems


As reading Axel Urbanke's very intersting text , you can understand that : NO !  on the rudder , the victories signs have nothing to do with the as Hans Philipp but are only an indication of 

JG-54's cumulative victories from Russia's  invasion till April (if correct) 1942 !


Good modelling





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