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1/48 Hellcat II BPF Hasegawa Converted from F6F-3 - abandoned project #2 - Finished

don f

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Keeping with my resolution to finish, or dispose of, my abandoned projects, this conversion of a 1/48 Hasegawa F6F-3 into a BPF Hellcat II is next in the queue.  My first completion, a 1/48 Tamiya P-47D Razorback is posted in the Ready for Inspection forum.


This Hasegawa 1/48 F6F-3 was a storage queen.  This kit was started around 2004.  I cannot remember why I shelved the partially built model for all these years.  The model and parts were eventually boxed up and survived a number of moves and long term storage.




Thank you for taking the time to look.  Updates soon!





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Edit to remove all the extraneous text and images and move on to fixing this model.
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After looking at the decals and surface finish of the model, I remembered why I had abandoned this project.  A curious white material appeared in the panel lines around some of the decals.  This white also appeared on the surface near some of the decals.  Fungus?  Crystallization of something related to the decals?  The white material could be scrapped off, causing damage to the paint.  For me, there were three solutions.  First, try to remove the affected decals, repaint, reapply decals, repaint.  Second, paint over the white material with GSB paint.  Third, strip the model back to bare plastic and try again or change subject.  All would require significant rework and effort.  So, I moved on to other models.  Discarding the kit was not considered, given the time and effort spent to convert and add to the model .  Well, I could have just left it as is and finished it.  This was also not an option for me.


Here's examples of the white material:










My decision to paint over the white material with GSB paint required masking around the decals and much touch-up painting.  A couple of hours of tedium resulted.




The painting and masking of the canopy was terrible.  And the internal over-spray. Shameful.  After painting, the masking tape stayed on the vac-formed canopy for years before removal.




Cleaned, tape residue and over-spray removed.  Repainted.  Better.  Usable after a little clean up.




I checked the windscreen to see if touch up was required.  Looked okay.   The plexiglass insert in the kit windscreen has survived.  It needs some dust removal.




After the touch-up paint has cured for a few days, varnish will be applied.  Hopefully the touched up areas will blend in.  The last major hurdle is the R-2800.  Adding ignition wires is the next task.  36 little solder wires.  Oh joy.





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Hi Don,  great modelling, I don’t understand why you Hellcat ended up as a shelf queen.


X119 is a well known Hellcat, please take my notes below as me trying to be helpful, it’s your model and how you finish it is your choice.


This is the aircraft SLt Bill Atkinson (a distant cousin) used to destroy Three Grace Torpedo bombers on 25.07.45.  It is well debated amongst the Britmodeller community (google is your friend).


The Serial should be JX772, and the Serial appears on the tail rather than rear fuselage were it did not seem to carry the Royal Navy wording.  The X should be lower on the tail, towards the bottom, similar to Formidable’s Corsairs (under the Serial) JX772 didn’t seem to have the rocket stubs, they would not be needed as the Hellcats were on Formidable for Night Fighter duties (dawn & dusk CAP).  119 should be repeated on the front facing undercarriage doors for deck handling purposes.


Hope this helps.




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@Grey Beema Thank you for taking the time to respond.  I appreciate the information and kind corrections. The model was painted and decals applied 15 or 16 years ago.  I used the information that was available to me at the time.  Hard for me to explain why I did little with the incomplete model for all those years.  Now, I just want this model completed, in my display case, blemishes, wrong markings and all.  Then, move on to another of my 50+ abandoned projects.  Not likely that I will build another 1/48 Hellcat.  Any new Hellcat projects will be 1/72, maybe X119.



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The frankensteined R-2800 for this model is finally complete.  I don't remember the sources for the parts.




All the detail I was willing to add.  26 gauge magnet wire for the spark plug wires.  I got lazy and did not insert the wires into the holes I drilled in the ignition harness.




Painted and ready to install.




Almost done, a few details, repairs and touch-up painting are needed.











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  • don f changed the title to 1/48 Hellcat II BPF Hasegawa Converted from F6F-3 - abandoned project #2 - Finished

Project is finally finished.  I'll post more Ready for Inspection images soon as can.


Cockpit and wheels - Hi-Tech

Sliding canopy - Squadron vac-form

Windscreen - Hasegawa F6F-3 kit modified to incorporate a 0.015" plexiglass flat panel

Prop markings - Archer Fine Transfers HS logos

Decals - Aeromaster, White Dog Decals, Yellowhammer Models







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22 minutes ago, dnl42 said:

Bravo! :clap2:


While a long time coming, the result is excellent!


Thank you.  I'm so happy that the box containing this project is now gone and no longer looking down upon me.  I've moved some of my abandoned project boxes to the shelf above my work table.  No longer out of sight, they demand attention.



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