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Some of my models - Scratch 1/100 - edit 08/10/21

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Before I start, sorry for my english, guys. My english is horrible and my teacher (google translator 🙄) is lazy.

I start my post in this forum with some models that I built. I do scratchbuilding, normaly 1/100, with paper, cardboard, balsa wood, plastic and various materials. I paint with brush and craft paints (very, very, very cheaps). I pretend post mounting step by step later.


A-4 MB Skyhawk 1/100 - Used by Brazillian Navy

spacer.png  spacer.png


spacer.png   spacer.png



Morane-Saulnier MS Tipe L 1/100 - Roland Garros aircraft

spacer.png spacer.png








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2 hours ago, Murdo said:

Some excellent models there, and scratchbuilt too!


Nothing wrong with your English.


Show us more please!


Agreed! And scratchbuilding in such a tiny scale for the chosen subjects!

You must have the eyes of an eagle.

Bravo Sir.

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What a great opening post - I have always through 1/100 scale is an ideal one to model in and these two items are of the highest quality. Look forward to seeing a Work in Progress thread.

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Thanks for everybody! I will organize one step by step and post it! I have some images in computer to this.

More two models.

Westland Wasp 1/100 - English SAR/Rescue during Falkands War, 1982 (as if I need explain this to a english modeler... 😜)

p?i=fe8037057d6d907939301dcff9c86871 p?i=1a9a041b2e45a414949ef5057613a61b






Aermacchi/Aeritalia/Embraer AMX A-1 1/100 - Brazillian/Italian Attack aircraft project; this model used by FAB (Força Aére Brasileira - Brazillian Air Force).



p?i=39a62ec10ac6dc6ed5e625d34aea84af  p?i=4e3f9b4d40401c8ba231c7e938a1bf1dp?i=17f9fde5125f8060c730f07238fe6721

p?i=2819b29f12163821b2a8a2176e56d307 p?i=7d0ffa398eb703c33d6f1e52e590258e

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4 hours ago, Harold55 said:

I am impressed at anyone that scratch builds and doubly so when the result are this good.  Congratulation on a job well done!

I agree 100%

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  • adolfocaetanonetto changed the title to Some of my models - Scratch 1/100 - edit 21/08/21

More two models of my collection. I go search my files to find the photos. So go slowly the posts.

MiG-21 Bis "Fishbed" 1/100 - VVS, Soviet Union, 1980's.















Saab J 29F Tunnam (Barrel in swedish) 1/100 - Swedish Air Force, 1950's. I love this aircraft. It is so... cute! I kown, this is a war machine, but is very nice. If I dogfigthing him, I would smile before I die! But I dont like the canopy. I fail him and it is opaque (I write correctly?).
















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