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Dassault Super Mystére B2...AZ Model...

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18 hours ago, John Masters said:

Thank you @VG 33...the decals arrived.  Now I can continue on with this!  Tell me Patrick...where does the Mastiff go?  Opposite the Scorpion?







Good morning John 

 Yes the Mastiff goes on the left side and the Scorpion on the right 

This should help you 


Best Regards 


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Finally back at this!  This feels really good.  I chose Vallejo Air Silver for the first stage of the NMF.  I'll give the exhaust some Burnt Iron, some of the panels will get Duraluminum.  I'll Levi the anti-glare panel on the nose matte black unless someone tells me differently.




Btw...I began to move house a few days ago.  I will take a long time to keep it mostly painless.  I owed up and moved all the built models this morning.  Below is an example...a Box of Migs...


Process..layer of aircraft on a bubblewrap base.  Then the peanuts.  Then the lid.  I dis this repeatedly. Most bins have two layers.  I think I need to build more Migs.






And I ended up with these...




Not bad.  The hard part will be unpacking them carefully, re-shelving, etc. 





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When I moved house a couple of months ago, that is how I moved my models.  I used the bubble wrap and packing noodles and also shredded paper.  Only breakage was a radar aerial off the nose of a Me-110G nightfighter.  One thing I did that I regret was in some boxes I used the bits of foam used as cushion filling, this was a mistake as it left a layer of fine particles on the models.



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2 hours ago, Andwil said:

a layer of fine particles on the models.


That will be part of the difficulty with unpacking: using a fine soft brush to dust the models before the go back on the shelf.  It'll take some time.

8 hours ago, Vultures1 said:

Good luck with the move John. 

Thanks!  Slowly, slowly...

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On 9/20/2021 at 11:03 PM, VG 33 said:

I understand it was right on time to send you the decals before moving home.


Perfect!  Thank you1


I am applying the decals on this tonight.  I must wrap this up.  I have other builds wish to begin!


The anti-glare area...











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Thanks to @VG 33 again.  


I applied the decals tonight.  I also attached the undercarriage, painted the wingtips green and the top of the fin a light blue.  The kit decals were ok...just ok.  Opaque enough, but oh, sooo fragile.  Those long arrows on the side split quite a few times.  The trick was to let them soak for a long time, then run a very soft brush beneath the decal to release it from the paper.  Slide it on with a lot of water.






Tomorrow I'll carefully give it some varnish, then a bit of pinwash here and there for panel detail.



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