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1/35 Viet Nam April 30th, 1975 Diorama

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Very impressive sceneray! The models and the pavement are superb.

Just a few more pictures, maybe, to see how exactly they got through the gates... 😉

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I think I read years ago that the tanks originally got through the gates of the Presidential palace and there were no journalists around to record the event. The North Vietnamese later recreated the scene, so it could be recorded for prosperity.





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Dear @spruecutter96

For a long time after that, we was difficult to confirm which was the first tank to ram the main gate.

Until 1995, based on the documentary photo of France journalist, ms Francoise Demulder, the tank number 390 (commanded by Lieutenant Vu Dang Toan) has been recognised.


photo by journalist Francoise Demulder


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