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Centurion Mk.10 Turret


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I am trying to gather information about the Centurion Mk.10 for a 1/72 scale conversion to a Strv 101. I have found an 1/35 conversion running on Missing -Lynx. 

It will help me a lot with the rear/engine deck but the turret has got me confused.

The builder has removed a piece to make it lower. I cant find anything written about the Mk.10 turret being lower. Is this something that has been missed by all sources or is it just the kit that was wrong? 

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The Mk10s were new-build and a further evolution of the Mk8 with the flat-fronted "Metalastic" mantlet.  The forward roof profile was different from Mks 1-7 and the turret front also because of the redesigned narrower and shallower mantlet.  I can't find any mention of the turret itself being lower.  Why would it be?  It certainly doesn't look lower in any photos or drawings.


I couldn't find the thread over on ML you mentioned to see what kit was being used and whether the change was an error correction or a cock-up.  I don't recall any 1/35 Centurion reviews of any brand noting the need for a cut-and-shut job.  For a long time there was only the AFV Club versions and the ancient Tamiya Mk3, but now we have Amusing Hobby too. We would know if these were badly wrong by now.

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