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US Navy/ship colours


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I am currently building the USS Buchanan and would like to represent her just before she was transferred to the Royal Navy, What colour(s) should I be using? I usually use Vallejo acrylic paints (though I have others too) so a near-enough may be as close as I can get.

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Sovereign Hobbies has some good info on their website: LINK. IIRC from the Pathe footage showing the handover, the Buchanan and rest were still in the USN pre-war scheme of #5 Standard Navy Gray horizontals, #20 Standard Deck Gray decks, black boot-topping with Norfolk 65-A Antifouling Red underwater.


As for Vallejo equivalents, there was a gentleman on Modelwarships.com who complied this list which gives info for not just USN, but RN and others as well: LINK.



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