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1/6 scale resin Female Android EL-01

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On 9/8/2021 at 10:40 PM, Hunter Rose said:

Now that looks great!



On 9/9/2021 at 8:20 AM, Uncle Monty said:

Great looking face, very realistic with that immaculate painting. The base is a nice touch as well.

Thanks you, good lighting covers all the ruff paintūüėĪ.


Making so good progress on the mechanical parts now, I have kept the top half mostly white and the lower parts mostly gray so I hope it looks ok when it all together. Probably going to flat coat all, I not a fan of how the gloss looks.





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She is looking very pretty.

She is so Japanese!

I have to ask, as I missed it if you mentioned, what is she from?

Gotta be some kind of anime thing. I was just wondering what her (or 'it's') back story was.

Has she been disassembled for maintenance or repairs? Is she some kind of demonstrator model?

Just curious what your thoughts were.


(The face looks great btw)



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Well then, I dunno.

One thing though, your face paint is better.

The face in the video looks kind of hopeless and resigned.

What you painted looks shy and wary but somehow optimistic. Like she could smile any minute.


Interesting what a little colour and a few lines will do.

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7 hours ago, Tzulscha said:

One thing though, your face paint is better

That is amazingly kind of you to say so, thank you.


I agree my face seam to looks quite a bit different and the only difference is the colour used.


I had a very tense few minutes, at the bench with the LEDs but they are in....few. Decals done, paint all finished just need to flat coat it I think then finish putting her together.



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