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3D Printed Vehicles For Diorama Use


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Now and again someone asks a question about about suitable vehicles for use in aircraft dioramas and I thought that I might mention something I came across this week which while not an ideal solution might offer something in the way of background set dressing.



I found these on eBay being sold as one-piece 3D models in a range of 1/50 scale soft skinned and armoured vehicles as well as some scenic items with prices starting around £6 each before shipping and rising depending on size/complexity and bought some.


Landrover Defender 110 with canvas back although open back and extended cab variants are also available.










CMP F15A trucks with and with canvas and open back although a tanker variant is also available.









All are 1/50 scale and windows are printed solid hence my suggestion for background use although glazing would not be an issue with most of the AFVs available.      Obviously some cleaning up required as there are some stray filaments/flash and as I have not attempted to paint any of them yet I have no idea how much if any rubbing down will be required to remove the printing pattern (albeit rather exaggerated by the camera flash in the photos) although I noticed that this was quite different on the two Landrovers.


Not sure what Britmodeller policy on identifying eBay sellers is but hopefully the search term “scaled at 1:50th, suitable for wargames, bolt action” might help to locate this particular range.     Looking at the seller’s feedback he has had other models available in the past which are no longer shown (M113 , Centurion) but no idea if the range changes from time-to-time.


From looking into the matter a little it would seem that there are several different sellers printing and offering these unbranded models using the same set of 3D plans of which the guy I bought from here in the UK seemed the more competitively priced although some of the other sellers are offering the same models in a choice of different scales.


Apologies if I have got any 3D printing terms wrong and please do not shoot the messenger with any impracticalities of the suggestion not already identified.

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They look good.  1/59 Landy for under a tenner delivered?  What’s not to like.  Wonder if they could do some earlier Landies, Sherpa vans, early Transits, that sort of thing.  Just my time era, sure everyone would have their own list

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