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Tamiya 1/12 F1 Lotus JPS Mk3


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Hi all due to the kindness of Richard, this arrived today all the way from the US of A.
It looks an amazing kit, obviously since it was a kind donation I have decided to take greater care than I did with the RE20 first thing I noticed was the fuel lines are way out of scale they should be 8mm which scales down to 0.7mm roughly (slightly less than that its actually 0.67recuring) the supplied clear tubing is 1.33mm IMG-7872.jpg
After heating and stretching I have a very close
That is about all I will get done before the funeral.
I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this.

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That was a kit I always wanted as a kid but never got. Looking forward to this, I've always loved the black and gold JPS schemes as it brings back happy memories of the era on the telly 😁


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Not at home at the moment (father in laws funeral) (will be sadly missed) but before I left home I managed this much
Where would I find pics of this engine, I google it but all I get are pics of this kit in various stages of build.

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On 13/08/2021 at 14:11, Matt Crane said:

That kit is the one that got me into F1 scale modeling in early 80´s. I was not much of a modeler but that brings me vivid and good memories.


I built this kit in period 1975 - 1980, if I remember rightly it was a present of my wife - I'm pretty sure a Christmas present.


For that period I only built F1 cars, the RE20, the Ferrari 312T, the Tyrrell 6 wheeler and this Lotus.


I think I share your thoughts - @kpnuts, this looks  to be a superb buld that brings back memories of how I codged mine up 😉


Now I've seen the photos;, yes, I bodged mine together !!


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Hi all back off hols so now eager to get back at this.


Whilst on hols I won a revell ex protar F1 for a really great price (yes the box is really battered but the bits all look good) I've seen one on there with a starting bid of 197 quid I paid no where near that.

Can anyone guess what it is.

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