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1/72 Type 94 64cm Main Gun turret no.1 - Yamato turret

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1/72 Type 94 64cm Main Gun turret no.1 - Yamato turret

The model is finished :D Took me awhile. The build is great, the only issue is the railing the kit include is not very good, so you can switch for metal chain or in my case - lead wire.

I did a video painting this model, feel free to check out my channel in my signature. 

Thank you for watching guys




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Beautiful work TranDuy, and I enjoyed watching your video on painting the Yamato 1:350 kit.  :clap2: The Takom Type 94 turret is on my birthday/Christmas wishlist but swmbo says she will have to save up to get that for me. :kissing2:

I am going to watch more of your build videos now.


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Thank you everyone for watching and enjoy my work :D I spent more time on this so took me awhile , mostly on the rigging and the deck process. And when Im finished the model it very good feeling. I'm looking foward for Takom 3rd turret of the Yamato, sadly its was in 1/35 scale, but it's huge too. Thank you everyone :D

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