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1/144 Minicraft NASA 757

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For all the complaints heard about the Minicraft kit, yours looks absolutely splendid!

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On 8/11/2021 at 2:59 PM, ajmm said:

Very cool. Lovely scheme and beautiful finish. I should get some of those decals. 

Flying Colors Decals are great.  I made this back in 2003.  Thanks.  


On 8/11/2021 at 3:39 PM, binbrook87 said:

Wow. Now that's something you don't see every day! Great job on an unusual subject 👍

 You are very kind.  Thanks.  


23 hours ago, SAT69 said:

For all the complaints heard about the Minicraft kit, yours looks absolutely splendid!


Indeed, I am looking forward to Zvezda kit, but I often thought the Minicraft kits got a bad rap.  Yeah, some are not state of the art:  Electra, Super Connie.  Others are first rate:  DC-4 and DC-8.  The 757 and 727 are kind of in the middle.  But I say again, who else was catering to the 1/144 market for airliners 20 years ago and at least they were not putting out the 43rd version of the Bf 109.  


22 hours ago, Romeo Alpha Yankee said:

Very nice! 🏆


Thanks so much. 


22 hours ago, janneman36 said:

If I am correct you already finished this one in 2003!


Got that particular decalset and I am going to look if it fits the Zvezda kit..

Still a very nice build👍

cheers, Jan

 Yeah, it's an old build.  Go ahead, slap the FC Decals on the Zvezda kit, I'd love to see the results.  (NASA of course!)


17 hours ago, Abandoned Project said:

Very nice. Is the base scratch built or shop bought? It looks very good.


I took a poster board and faked up a tarmac/runway setting.  I use it for all my builds as I think it looks so much better than shooting a model on the dining room table, even if it is not 100% runway appropriate.  And I always shoot outside since I cannot get the lighting correct inside.   I use it regardless of scale or subject (see this 1/48 Phantom or 1/35 AS1 Leopard).  Honestly, I have gotten as many comments about the tarmac as I have about my models.  😂





15 hours ago, Eric Mc said:

Very nice. Obviously ex-Eastern. I have a different set of NASA decals for that kit. They obviously repainted the aircraft at a later date. 

 Yep, NASA bought some old Eastern 757s and did the bare minimum, later they had a more NASA specific paint job like your decals.  


12 hours ago, russ c said:

Fantastic job, photo`s look like it`s the real thing!


So kind.  

4 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

You airliner guys make such clean and tidy models. This is a gem!


It is hard to keep the clean.  Thanks.  

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