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British Policeman (16011) ICM 1:16


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British Policeman (16011)

ICM 1:16




ICM continue their theme of World Police officers, this time with a Police officer although the dress is now a bit dated as more tactical uniforms now seem to be worn. This is the typical Officer seen outside Number 10 Downing Street in the 198-s/1990s back when you could actually walk up Downing Street and speak to the Police up there guarding the door with not a firearm in sight. 




As with the other kits in this series the instructions are not very clear.  They consist of a colour drawing of the completed and painted model, with the parts numbered and arrowed. Seeing that the kit is fairly straightforward it probably won’t worry the seasoned figure builder, but it might put off the beginner. 




The kit comes with a nicely moulded pedestal, the top of which has a selection of different finishes, plain, curved cobbles, straight cobbles or flag stones. Alternatively the figure can be presented on a plain flat base.




If you’re a figure modeller then this will be a great way to pass the time. The painting will require a great deal of finesse and patience but the having seen what can be done the results can be amazing. This is really nicely made though and although quite small, (you will need an optivisor to paint the finer details), and it will look really nice in the display cabinet. 



Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.



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I lick your review... I do nut suppiss his poloocemans pints are full of deenamood?


Now I have to goo about my bossness, good moaning to yoo.

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