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Airfix Daleks in Manhattan vignette

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Hi All,

This is my first post of a completed model, having now plucked up the courage to do so!

Yes, it is an old kit depicting a scene with Daleks Caan (bronze one) and Sec (black one) from the David Tennant story Daleks in Manhattan. I was given this as a present some while ago and it has lain about for a while until I decided to catch up with some stuff I had waiting to be done or completed.

It took a good few months to build, there is in effect three models in one box and I am not very prolific and I was catching up on some other projects. After all the process is as important as the end result.

It was largely fun to build with the only real problems fit wise was the skirt of Dalek Caan at the back. The gun and plunger boxes were also worked on to give the indent more definition. The guns supplied were dreadful clear plastic affairs so I decided to replace them with scratchbuilt ones (this also took quite a while!). These were made from plastic rod and thin brass wire. The plunger rods were also replaced with brass tubing.

I had two firsts with this. A complete model painted in metallic paints and a vinyl ‘figure’ (the Dalek creature, Sec).

One thing I have discovered when trying to paint the various rivets, rather than trying with a paint brush I found a set of nail art dotting tools that are various sizes of little balls and makes spotting easier.

On the whole I was quite pleased with the way it turned out, though there was a bit of ‘orange peel’ effect with Dalek Caan.  Better next time.

Thanks for looking and I invite any comments.











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Having read build reviews,  and having one of these stashed, (my daughter was a big fan of new Who)  I know it's not a straightforward build,  that looks fantastic, especially the sec creature, the eye is really neat!   




PS not that I have paid much attention, I'm surprised there has not been a basic Dalek model in something like Airfix catalogue for years...    For some reason I'm now imagining a 1/12th Dalek "vintage classic"  like the old Kings and Queens they used to do....

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That's fabulous work! :clap2:


The painting looks flawless. Is it all brush painted or also airbrushed? What paints?


Looking forward to more of your RFIs.

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Many thanks to all for the positive comments. It is much appreciated. 

All paints were Vallejo acrylics, both  Modelair and Modelcolour. Airbrush for the bulk with brushing for the details. Some washes again with Vallejo washes.



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We have a farmer who built a full-scale dalek for his mailbox & a couple in town who have built a full-scale tardis in their yard here.





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