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Piaggio PC.7 Pegna | SBS 1:72

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Piaggio PC.7 Pegna, resin miniature by SBS Model.  Painted with Gunze Super Italian Red and Vallejo Liquid Gold.


It was my first purchase from this company and I am positively surprised by the quality. The cast is sharp with amazing detail and excellent fit, on part with Tamiya and Finemolds plastic sets.

The crude wooden trestle is scratch built, as they didn't have the SBS ones at my usual hobby shop :) 















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I have this on the bench, too. How did you do the Italian tricolori, did you use the decal or did you paint it? If decal, did you paint the background white or is the decal opaque enough to be put directly on the red surface?

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HI @Mjoo  In my case it has been painted, but only because I've damaged the decal during application. You don't have to worry about opacity, the colors are solid and nothing will bleed through - see the white bort number. One thing I would recommend is that you cut off the red stripe from tricolori decal and instead paint that area with a slightly brighter shade of red than the rest of the hull. This way you won't have to worry about aligning decal with the curved edge.

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1 minute ago, Fixer said:

@Bertie Psmith true, the exhaust marks came out too exaggerated, but since these were painted with acrylic paint on top of acrylic varnish, I couldn't really fix it without going into mundane restoration of the glossy surface.


We've all been there! Lately I've been experimenting with oil paints which are so easy when if comes to correcting my foul ups.

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