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Bburago 1/16 Alpine A110


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After seeing the wonderful builds of the Tamiya 1/24 Alpine's, I decided to make one myself.


Not the 1/24 Tamiya kit, but this 1/16 diecast model made by Bburago quite a few years ago.


Got this beauty for the great price of € 20 :










Typically for Bburago are the opening doors, engine compartment and spare tyre compartment :




Also typically Bburago is that not a single drop of glued is used, makes taking it apart a lot easier :




The complete interior :








Excellent base model to start with.





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I've got a bburrago Bugatti in the loft somewhere in a box that was my son's. Never thought about finding it and detailing it till now 🤔

Watching with interest 😁


Ian 😁

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Thx for the replies.


Mr. C, I hope it won't delay my Porsche/Ferrari projects. Progress on this Alpine will be slow, because I've only just started searching for reference-material.


But still, I made some progress. I succeeded in taking apart the entire model. Had to cut the glass parts in two, to remove them from the body :




The hinges could use some extra details :






But modifying these will prevent the lids from opening. Not sure yet if I want to do that.


I don't want to respray the body, because it looks really nice. Will give it a couple of coats of clearcoat and polish it to a "Concours d'élégance" finish.


The only flaws are these vertical moulds lines, not worth respraying the entire body IMO :




The brake discs are a bit odd. The side that's visible is flat (like the 1/1 car) :




The other side has these holes :




I haven't removed the brake discs yet, because they are mounted in typical Bburago fashion. If you pull them from the plastic tabs, they'll never fit properly again.


The brake discs have a diameter of about 19mm, might make new one with the lathe so I can salvage the plastic ones for another model.


Plenty of things to think about. Meanwhile here's a nice video of a restoration. My model is also a 1600 S :







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