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A-10A "Warthog" of the Wisconsin Air National Guard

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All done at last! Here are a few photos for you to enjoy while I get the RFI posted:




Alongside the much smaller plane that the Wisconsin ANG's Warthogs replaced, the OA-37B Cessna Dragonfly:






I even managed to clean up my workbench a bit, in preparation for my next build project:




Thanks to everyone who tagged along and gave me support & suggestions. Special thanks to Giorgio, who built this kit before me and found all the problem areas, so I wasn't caught by surprise (well, maybe a couple of times!).

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Great build Bill. Always good to check in with others who navigated the pitfalls on kits. The Warthog is in the list of slightly neglected subjects by an increasingly higher quality kit manufacturers. 


Thank you for all the updates.

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5 hours ago, JJ2016 said:

Great job Bill, also your work area is a picture of awesomeness !!





Thank you!
When I retired and moved to Wisconsin, the house I bought had a fifth bedroom on the lower level. I converted it to a dedicated workroom (previously, I had only a small space in my garage for modeling). It’s a perfect setup for me and I don’t regret the cost of the conversion. 













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11 hours ago, billn53 said:

When I retired and moved to Wisconsin

Mate, that is a great space. When my wife and I brought our house 15 years ago, I managed to snaffle the best room - the theatre room, which became my music room. Only problem is that its so crammed with music gear and memorabilia that I can't squeeze anything else in. I do my modelling pretty much centrally in the house at the dining table with a pretty much mobile set up where everything is stored in a tool chest on casters. I guess the upside for me is that I get to be amongst the family although the constant discharge of the air brush compressor causes them including the cats much grief !!

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Thanks JJ. Changes made to convert the bedroom into a workshop include:

- Removed raised “steps” beneath windows to increase useable floor space (building code requires window egress for bedrooms)

- Replaced carpet with vinyl flooring (goodbye carpet monster)

- Added ceiling lights, and articulated flood lights over work area

- Added exhaust fan over paint station

- Added metal shelving over work area

- Added shelves in small walk-in closet (not shown) for extra storage. 

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