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"My Other Pup is an Aeroplane"

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An odd title, you may think.  It's inspired by the car stickers one used to see, usually on decaying old rust-buckets, that stated "My other car is a Ferrari/Rolls-Royce/Cadillac/" etc.  Anyway, I had a Wingnut Sopwith Pup, a figure by Elan13 of an RFC pilot called "Henry" who is depicted holding a small spaniel-type dog, and a career that involved working and living in Gosport for nearly 10 years, and all this came together in this model.

The subject is a Sopwith Pup from the School of Special Flying, Gosport, where Major Robert Smith-Barry developed a system of flying training that produced far better results than previously, and is basically still in use world-wide to this day.


The markings are an option in the "Gnome" boxing of WNW's Pup, although I only used the fuselage roundels, serials, prop logo and instruments from the kit decal sheet: everything else was masked and painted.


Anyway, without further ado, here's Henry



"Sorry old boy, even at my rank I'm not allowed to take you flying"


Forgive me for having a play with some effects in one or two of these photos:

















Thanks for looking.  Comments and any suggestions for improvement welcome.

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Name-check for Elan13
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6 minutes ago, Allan31 said:

Beautiful work. As I'm new to this WW1 rigging stuff, what did you use for that?

Thanks.  Mostly I used fine EZ Line; the only exception was the undercarriage, which I rigged with some monofilament thread to add a bit of structural strength.

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