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AMT '67 Shelby 350GT


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Three builds already underway, non completed yet. All stalled, awaiting me getting to grips with windscreen moulding.

I might as well start another build then! With a bit of luck, by the time this latest one needs a screen I'll have cracked the moulding issue.  


Here it is, in one of Round 2's glorious retro looking boxes. The AMT '67 Shelby GT350.

Almost too good to build for the collector in me, but the building force is strong these days.




Contents carefully laid out for inspection...




And a very tempting color scheme on the box side. Resale Red it might well be.




A start on parts cleanup will commence tomorrow and the build will slot in with the others quite nicely.



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Clear green over a yellow or gold base would give something like that Mike. Even brighter over pearl white. Nice, but a bit too bling for me.

The trouble with these things is that there are too many really nice choices out there, and that is if you just limit yourself to the factory colors. Add in the race stuff and the show circuit cars and things get right out of hand.

I won't have to worry too much at the moment, there's a bit of bodywork needed on the thing first. Nothing major, the usual seam removal and so on. Doing a bit on it this morning shows it to be a pretty good kit. 

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A gentle ease into the build is under way.


The bodyshell got its trunk front and rear panels fitted this morning and it spent the best part of the day sunbathing. The hood got its scoop openings drilled and sanded out and a bit of primer added.




Later this afternoon it got a sanding session, followed by a few coats of Tamiya white primer. A few areas still need attention. The fit of the nose panel could have been better for instance, it's sanded  pretty flush and smooth now, a little filler will see it done. 




And to finish, color has been decided, despite attempts to lead me astray. Red it is.


Two reasons:

1. The prototype '67 Shelby GT350 was red. 

2. This Sports Car Graphic cover shows that very car.

I can somehow work that cover shot into the build. Maybe a bit of road with the car on it and the magazine cover behind it. 




Four builds on the go. Blimey.

That pales a bit when compared to the Airfix or FROG GB's though. I must be getting old...


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  • 2 weeks later...

A quick update on the '67.


Side scoops got drilled out and fitted, followed by Tamiya primer.




That got left for a few days before a flat off and some colour coats with Tamiya Italian Red. That sat for a week and got flatted off with Micro Mesh pads today. I debated polishing the finish as it sat but went for broke with a few coats of Tamiya clear red as a topcoat.




There's a bit of orange peel that has crept back to annoy me. Not insurmountable but it's going to hold things up a while. I can't flat the orange peel out now as I might mottle the clear finish. I'll be adding more clear red tomorrow, hoping it will level the finish up a bit. I doubt it will work completely so a few transparent clear coats will have to go on so I can flat that off and then polish. More depth of paint than I like, but I'm stuck with it.


I'm no fan of the kit provided stock wheels, so a change will be made there. First in line at the moment are the Cragar SS wheels from a Revell '67 Dodge Charger kit. I like the look a lot.





And then there is the do I or don't I add stripe decals dilemma. I'll make my mind up once the paintwork is sorted. With or without both have appeal.


I'll be cracking on with the chassis and interior now, while the body paint hardens.







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It looks better in the pictures than real life, camera phones seem to give photo's a bit of a boost somehow. I'll still be micro polishing the finish once the paint is hard enough. The Tamiya clear red has given the finish a very wet look and I'll be trying to bring that out with a deep shine. With a bit of luck I wont cut through to the primer anywhere. The games up at that point as clear red is just about unmatchable once damaged.

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It's probably a bit OTT for scale, but it's a very eye catching finish.

The clear red makes the red base finish seem deeper.

I really like the Candy effects of clear reds, yellows, blues and so on over pearl white, gold or silver base colours. Using clear colours over the same base colour is more subtle but every bit as effective.

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Nice!  Ford actually did a lot of tinted clear coats in the 90s.  The Rio Red used on the 94-98 Mustangs was done this way.  Red base w/ a red tint clear over top.  I've got the peeling clear to confirm...:rofl2:

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Impatience got the better of me this morning. I've gone brave and given the orange peel a very gentle sanding/polishing with 4000 and 8000 grit pads. That seemed to work OK, so the body got another coat of clear red, followed an hour later with another wet coat. I always keep the body turning round and around until the paint takes a set. That seems to help a lot with avoiding potential runs. 

The finish is a lot smoother but it might sink back a bit during the day. I'll probably give it one more coat this afternoon and call it done at that point.





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3 hours ago, vppelt68 said:

:hmmm:Yet another of those Britmodeller moments I think our choice of "reactions" to a post is too limited (@Mike?) , so I have to reply to react: :wow:

I think :coolio: would suffice ;)

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While the paint is busy drying fully, I added the lower GT350 stripe stripe on one side to see how it looked.




I'm not sure. It looks a bit stark like that but might cheer up once the window frames are added. I also tried the hood stripes but gave up on them pretty quickly. They looked very distinctive and I like the look. Nasty decals to use though, a bit stiff and grabby. There are loads of them to apply as well, and I think painting them on will give a better job. Hmmm... white stripes over red paint. What could possibly go wrong? A couple of barrier coats of clear will be added before the stripes in the hope of preventing the stripes going a bit Brighton on me.


The chassis got more assembly and paintwork added and it's pretty much done. I might add fuel lines and brake pipes and cables but things look quite busy as it is, so maybe not for this build.

The engine got assembled and paintwork started. A humbrol mid blue with a french blue oil paint scrubbed in to darken it a bit got applied to the engine.

Gearbox finished with black base and dark metal polishing powder over that. Linkage in silver paint. There's more to add yet, but a bit of drying time won't hurt.




I'm definitely going with the Cragar SS wheels for the car, they suit it down to the ground. The doner Charger is shown in the background here. That one will now get stock wheels and red line tires. I very nearly started work on that one, but sanity prevailed and I got back in the Mustang groove.




That's all for now folks, and work here stops for a few days at least.

I want the paint as hard as it can get before final polishing happens and the various oil finishes all need a while to dry properly. I'll be boxing this one up and getting on with the Hertz pair and the Blue Meanie.


A group shot of the builds so far mark this point in the GB for me. So far so good, things are going well and steady progress is being made. Pip Pip!



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They do make for a colourful lot and I agree, a splash of yellow would look even better.


There's a '69 Boss 302 waiting in the wings that will be finished in yellow. It might even get started over the weekend. It's the current Revell offering and it looks to be a really nice kit.


The way these builds are working out is that I'm almost production lining the things. Not planned at all but that's how it's shaping up. I need to vary the building a bit, even if it means adding another car to the pot. All four current builds are at the point of needing interiors done and that can get a bit repetitive, especially as I've still not cracked the windscreen moulding thing. The last thing I want to do is make the building a task instead of enjoying the whole deal.

Moving from a bit of paintwork to an engine and back to some interior detailing seems like a good way to keep my interest high. I'll have to have another clean up to make room for another build though and this afternoon is as good a time to do that as any.


Never mind Less is More, in this case More is More!



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  • 1 month later...

The '67 got a look in on the bench over the last day or two, and about time too.


The broad Shelby racing stripes have been started with the nose area yet to do. I gave up on the decals and used Tamiya tape and white undercoat followed by Humbrol gloss white, brushed on. The spray seemed to build up a bit too much against the tape and I decided against spraying a white gloss coat. Also the Tamiya white was really bright and looked a bit wrong. The Humbrol version is slightly toned down and although still a strong white, looks better on the car to me. It still needs a slight sanding and another coat to fully cover that red. I'm also hoping that the Acryilc red wont bleed through the white enamel at a later date. We shall see...


Adding the second sill stripe went OK with a bit of additional painting needed at the rear wheel area. If you fit the stripe to cover this bit, it won't line up at the front and the GT350 bit will overlap the door gap.




The undersides got a final dusting with dry brushed earth colour and I'll call it a done thing at that point for that area.

The door cards have been started with S 'n J polished onto the light area around the door handles and winders. Satin black thinned right down and run into the black areas is drying now, before more detailing there. Seats have been painted, the chrome trims added and the dash area has been started as well although it's out of shot here. The steering wheel has had its rim done in light earth. Once that is dry enough, some Tamiya clear orange should give me something like the factory finish.







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Chip chip chip, slowly getting there...


Dash and steering wheel now done. The wheel surround is a bit darker than I wanted, but will be fine for the job intended.




The Cragar SS wheels got a bit of a wash around the nuts....Ooo Errr, Missus!... and the Cragar caps done in blue. Not quite the right blue, it should be paler, but that was a bit too dominating at this scale. It looks right at viewing distance. Excuse the dust on the close up, I didn't notice that when I took the picture.




The White Stripes on the nose have been added, along with the headlight buckets. 

The Engine is in for a trial fit as it looks like the final assembly is going to be a bit hair raising. The radiator support and firewall look like they will be a tight fit around the engine and the interior is going to be a handful as well. Final close up is going to be stressful.




And to finish, here's the car propped up on milk container caps under the rear end.

The background is another new one. This time it's a piece of 6mm MDF board with stippled on household gloss black paint. It gets the job done.





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