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Zvezda C-130H Hercules


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Hi there!


My choice of model for this GB:






The fuselage. Hellcat is there for size comparison. Masks are the only aftermarket item I'll be using.















Decals. Huuuge walkway decals for the wings. I think I will paint them instead.





Not sure yet on my choice - but it will be either the ROKAF one with green/grey camo or the Japanese grey/blue camo. Both look really nice.





I was so excited that already made a start, but I just realised that the GB has not started yet! :o Oh well, I think I'm still safe below the 25% mark - I'll just wait up few days until I continue :)


It is looking really sweet model and excited to build something BIG for a change.











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Don't worry we all did some premature unpacking and dry-fitting. 😉


It appears that the Russians have some superior construction plans for the C-130 - the KGB was very efficient... My choice would be the Japanese version; it has a great camouflage.


Cheers, Michael

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Welcome to the Group Build reini.  As you say, your C-130 will be big!  Enjoy the build.



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On 8/5/2021 at 11:39 AM, srkirad said:

@reini I vote for Japanese scheme - it's simply unavoidable and fantastic looking!




It certainly cant be Polish bevause they are E-models, unless the kit covers that?

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