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SS Hydrograaf, 1:100, 3D, hydrographic ship of Royal Dutch Navy

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Drawing of the port side service boat, the type is named Vlet "E", a traditional Dutch classic boat still built for pleasure.


It's almost finished, there is still some fittings to draw.


The plan I used is accurate but wrong between the 3 views, it doesn't match, I had to play with the electronic pencil...












The plan I used ( Thanks Maarten ), I used the clinker canoe, there is a bilge model:








This is a beautiful canoe, with a resemblance to another equally traditional Norwegian canoe.








A 6.2 meter motorized pleasure boat:





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I'll probably redo the drawing of the starboard canoe, I had done without the clins by simulating them, it's less pretty of course.


Here it is almost finished, it is missing. 2 cleats at the back, the oars.


I transferred a copy of the Vlet to the Hydrograaf drawing to adjust the scale of the ship in relation to the plan and to decide where exactly to install the attachment points for the davits. I have the 2 canoe supports to place as well.









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Tks Stuart, I started with this 3D program in April 2020 during the first confinement. My brain still works a little. It keeps me going. 😜 


This ends.


A small method to draw exact supports.


You have to make a cut with the program at the right place and reproduce the hull shape at that place. All this is quite fast. Then you have to adapt the angles of the lower surfaces of the supports to the camber and the sheer of the ship's deck.

















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It's been 4 months since I started this project and I'm more satisfied with this one than the previous one, the Nomadic. I worked on correcting my little design mistakes, not in the parts, but rather in their layout for assembly, so this ship is easier to assemble. 


The 1/100 also helps a lot with the relative accuracy of the printing.


The Vlet E print is very good, even the rear cleats came out well.


I still have some oars to draw, some lifebuoys for the rail, but those are already drawn. 











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Thanks Stuart, Yes, I am lucky because the assemblies are not always perfect with the printer


Progress of the assembly.


I replaced the temporary anchor chains by a more realistic model.


Painting of the boat, and installation, it took a good day and a half.


Assembly / painting of the lifebuoys.






















Drawing of the oars.





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The second boat is finished, I redesigned it at 50% adding the clins this time. I modified the first front pair which seems to be badly drawn on the original plan. 


I've been focusing on the final paint details and small repairs the last few days. 


The support pillars of the ship have been printed, a 4 mm nut embedded in the support allows a good fixation to the support. A piano wire reinforces the whole in the upper part.


I still have to mount the navigation lights on the front mast and the one on the back mast, and the brass name plate to engrave.





























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Thanks to you! 


@Stuart: I'll get back to my current projects, I think.


The Hydrograaf had a big brother, a little longer by 5 meters, but less lucky, the M/S Eilerts de Haan.


M/S Ellerts de Haan was a hydrographic ship of the Dutch Navy, built by the Rotterdam Fijenoord shipyard. (1921) 


During the German attack on the Netherlands in 1940, the ship was in the port of Den Helder for conservation purposes, which meant that it fell into German hands. 


The German armed forces converted the Ellerts de Haan into a school ship and renamed it Randzel. The ship was lost in service while being used by the Germans in the Baltic Sea in the spring of 1945, when it ran aground south of the German island of Fehmarn.  


The ship was named after Johan Eilerts de Haan, a Dutch naval officer and explorer who died in 1910 during a voyage to Suriname.


Johannes Gijsbert Willem Jacobus (Johan) Eilerts de Haan (born in Noordwolde, October 3, 1865 - died in the interior of Suriname, August 29, 1910) was a Dutch explorer and soldier. The Eilerts de Haan Nature Park in Suriname is named after him.













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These brackets/shelves are interchangeable by removing two screws, so I can change models from time to time. Very practical.


Making the display case, thanks to Bruno ( Bgire) for his tutorial.




I still have the brass rods to cut and glue. I used Sader epoxy crystal, it works very well.


I also used Wolfcraft ES22 brackets that I modified by gluing balsa shims to make them accept 2mm. thick glass.













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Thanks to all of you!  I will not name all of you, I will certainly forget some... I found a real modeler family here. 


It was a real pleasure to make this model which does not exist in the trade except in cardboard, in less than 5 months, I started at the beginning of August 2021. 


It was quite fast despite the work to be done, plus sometimes other drawings and parts to make for other members.


I would like to thank all those who followed me, encouraged me and showed their interest in the construction of this more than 100 year old semi-civil ship, the representation of civil ships is not up to what it should be. And to the others who only drop by to look without posting, the view counter on this post is also a good way to keep up when demotivation can overwhelm you at any time and stop the project temporarily or completely, we all know here how difficult it is to pick up after a few weeks downtime.


This project is now almost finished, this model is my most accomplished in terms of personal 3D prints made from A to Z. Other members have followed in my footsteps in the innovative field of 3D printing, which is evolving very rapidly, and this is a very good thing. The pleasure is multiplied by ten, and it allows to realize, to see ships never or little realized and to let free its imagination sometimes.


I have other big projects already in progress, 3 to be precise, more or less advanced, I'm now going to work on them again and try not to start a new one to make them progress. But the temptation is great because the choice of ships, or even seaplanes (another passion), not commercialized, is so vast. 


For the moment I am documenting these next realisations, the choice is difficult, and I must take into account my current level and not start a project that is too difficult, one must know not to miss the learning stages. The San Pablo ( Movie Peebles sand ) would be a good choice to continue, because not too difficult, so quick to realize, maybe in 3 months.


Not to mention the many boxes of commercial models that I have in stock with PE and that I still have to make. I don't buy any more since I started 3D. 

To be continued.

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16 hours ago, robgizlu said:

Pascal - I'm awarding you - "My Modeller of the Year Award" :partytime:



Yes gets my vote stunning work and such a classic ship they do not make them like that any more such a pity.


Stay Safe


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Thanks Beefy!


Some progress on the display case.


I cut and glued the 8mm brass angles, from the excellent Tartaix company, it is sold by weight.


Reference: L2CLE1/8




I've already spent at least 3.50m of my 4m in stock, I should have enough to finish before Christmas as they are on holiday after that. It's glued with the same glue.


If it goes over, a razor blade is enough to remove any excess glue.



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Wow Pascal! Looks amazing!


I've got the paper model version and willing to build the Hydrograaf as it is now (and used as Pakjesboot 12 of Sinterklaas). 


But having a sturdy base would be even more great! Are you sharing/selling your work by any chance?


Again: The effort you've put into it is totally worth it. It looks extremely good :)



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Seen on World Of Warships (well known online game) last Christmas by a friend, thanks to him for the screenshots. 


Surprising, isn't it? From there to think that they were inspired...










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I just found your chronicle of your build and it's amazing and you're very skilled! Is the 3D file for this available for downloading and printing? 

Thanks, Doug

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Hello Doug, thanks ! 


No, sorry, I never sell or give back my 3D files, we have no control over them after that.


I have some friends who have seen their 2D plans of ships created by them used later in a commercial way by others, without them being able to do anything about the copyright. This is a lesson that I think should be taken into account.


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