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Printed airfield concrete bases (1/72)

James G

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Hi All,


I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum for this, but here goes...does anyone have any tips for working with (self) printed concrete bases? A while back I had purchased a couple of downloads of some Soviet airfield concrete textures (pre- and post-1950s) from Scale Model Scenery. I am going to use one of the pre-1950s textures to make a small diorama base for a MiG-15 and Zil-157 I had built previously.

I am curious to hear your experience of working with such products...any tips on which material to print on (I was thinking gloss photo paper)? Which printer setting to use? (I have an Epson XP-800 inkjet). Which glue to use to stick it to the base? And how best to protect it from subsequent weathering layers? My plan is to coat it with some Klear, as I aim to use 'Scenic Snow' effects from Deluxe Materials over the top, followed by a matt coat.


Any advice appreciated!





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1. Print on to ordinary paper

2. seal with a spray lacquer

3. glue down some very mildly rough sand paper first

4. glue printed paper over sand paper

5. use a cloth to rub the printed paper down into the sand paper

6. apply more coats of spray lacquer or matt varnish

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