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Third and last 'animal' in the series - Henschel Hs129 B-2 – Italeri 1/72

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After the post on the WIP

here is the third model, a B-2. After some minor modifications to the wings, I moved on to the construction of the visible part of the barrel of the MK101 30 mm cannon, obtained with Albion Alloys tubes.






The aircraft operated with the 8.(Pz)/SchG 2 and was abandoned together with others on the Tunis-El Aouina base.









The camo, as always made entirely by brush, was originally in the classic 70/71/65, with a dense sand drapery on all the lateral and upper surfaces, and partial obliteration of the nationality insignia and the white band. The colors are mixes of Humbrol Enamels, the decals are almost all from the Eagle Cals sheet n.17, the others printed by me.









Finally an image of the lower surfaces.





Hope you like it.
Thanks for your attention.
Criticisms and suggestions welcome.
Giampiero Piva

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I have built the Italeri kit twice and remember some fit issues, especially around the engine nacelles.

None of that can be seen on your model!

The metal gun barrel is a great enhancement (the original plastic part is rather poor).

Also, I admire your brush painting skills.

Superb rendition! Good work.

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