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PZL P.24G - Turkish Air Force - IBG 1/72

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Hello friends!

My COVID build no.32 in this year is the prototype of Turkish P.24G.
This plane - serial number 2136 was built by KTF in Turkey as a P.24C with Gnome - Rhone 14Kfs, than got the engine version 14N 07 and become prototype of Turkish P.24G in 1939.
You know that IBG kit is very nice, I replaced canopy with a self made vacu part, because the front windows in the moving part are without glass. Only point which I will point out is that decal for engine cover is to long ca.1,2mm, to place it on kit like in manual, it have to be shorted. 
PS. PZL P.11c going slowly forward, it is to hot in my workshop.


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Really nice. Excellent paint work for this scale. 

I've been tempted to get the 1/48 scale kit and do it in what if polish markings. 

I made one of these for CFS3 years ago. Done it in Greek, Turkish and Polish what if markings.

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This is easily the best build I've seen in the last few weeks! I'm really making an effort to stop buying kits but I don't think I'll be able to avoid picking up one of these PZL's - The IBG kit look wonderful and there's no shortage of interesting markings to choose from either.

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Nice work, I was convinced it was 1:48 until I read the thread title again! Looking forward to seeing your P.11c :)


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10 hours ago, Ventsislav Gramatski said:

Beautiful build and in rarely seen markings! The PZL.24 is quite unique in that it served in most Balkan countries' air forces, and on the opposing sides.


Was it produced under license in Turkey?


Thank you. Yes P.24 was produced under license by KTF in Turkey. P.24E was produced also in license in Romania.

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