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AK Real Colours


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Hi all,


I've read lots of reviews about these paints. Can anyone who has used them tell me, in their opinion, if they are any better than the Tamiya and Gunze Mr Hobby Colour acrylics?


Just looking for some honest, first hand opinions. 





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I have a few of them, nice paints. However, are you sure you mean the RC range? Because that's lacquer, not "acrylic" in the way Tamiya and Mr. Hobby are. They're closer to Tamiya LP and Mr. Color. I would rank them just under Mr. Color for pigment strength and usability, they're really thick so a bottle will last you ages (I use Leveling thinner for them).

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Hi Matt,


I rate them very highly, I use them with their designed for thinners "AK Real Colors High Compatibility Thinner" and find they spray beautifully, exceptional self levelling and excellent color coverage in thin coats. I find they spray well over my preferred undercoat - Black Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 thinned with Mr Color Leveling Thinner (MCLT) - and easy to gloss coat with Gunze GX100 or 112. No compatibility issues. They spray fine lines and mottling without issue. Dries fast. Tough,  Easy clean up with my cheap brand lacquer thinners. A no nonsense paint in the same category as Gunze and Tamiya. I rank them very highly. Buy with confidence.


On colour? Do your research.


Are they better than Tamiya and Gunze Mr Hobby Color?


With Real Color (AK thinner) and compared to Tamiya and Hobby Color (thinned with MCLT) my ranking is AK first, Hobby Color a very close second and Tamiya a very close third. Why is Tamiya third? I am often mixing the required Tamiya colour, not a big deal for me, yet the others may deliver the colour I want out of the bottle. I also find Tamiya too flat for my builds (usually 1/48 aircraft) and appears to have a larger pigment size.


If your thinning with an alcohol mix (Hobby Color Thinner and Tamiya X-20A) then that opens up a bigger gap in the rankings. Gunze and Tamiya aqueous ranges using their alcohol thinners may require retarder in some conditions, such as hot weather or when using a very fine needle size. More variability and tuning. Switch the Hobby Color and Tamiya to MCLT thinner and end of this variability. The question then becomes why not switch to lacquers if using MCLT. And the answer to that is, yes, and Gunze lacquers are superb. Interestingly Tamiya's newish range of lacquers seem, without knowing the chemistry, very similar to AK Real Color. Fact is I have them all and constantly switching between the brands based on what colour I like and/or availability. Yet it shows my confidence in AK Real Color that I am always looking forward to the next AK Real Color opportunity and that will be my new Tamiya F-4B.


Word of advice, do yourself a favour and if you buy Real Color get some of their thinner to use. I have not tried them with other thinners and see no need to change. 





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Thank you both for the replies.


@bmwh548 I'm aware that the AK RC are lacquer, however I've no experience of using anything other than acrylics. 


@Ray_W thank you for the comprehensive answer, much appreciated. 


Based on both of your responses, I may give them a go!

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I recently bought some AK Real paints, but haven't yet had the opportunity to use them. I have read that Mr. Color Leveling Thinner works quite well with these paints.

Yesterday, I had to drive my daughter south, to Edmonton and I spent the night there. This morning, before I returned home, I hit a few hobby shops and I found a bottle of AK Real Colors High Compatibility Thinner. So I guess I'm ready to use this with my paint.










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I've taken the plunge and ordered colours for my next build. Not sure why because I already have everything I need from Tamiya and Gunze but I'm curious as to how they perform!


I'm planning on using Levelling Thinner with them.

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