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Dragon 1/24 Iron Man Mark 42

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G'Day All,


Well, took a break from the normal work load of aircraft and sci fi ... more aircraft lately then Sci Fi.




Here is Dragon's little 1/24 scale Iron Man Mark 42.

Built straight from the box, primed with Gunze Mr Surfacer 1000 and black based with Gunze H2 Black.

I applied zenithal highlights using Gunze H1 White.  The plan was to create some tonal variation with the paint job.


Painted the Gold using a mixture Vallejo Gold and Silver (about a 2:1 mixture).

The Red was first painted with Vallejo Mecha Colour Metalic Red and over painted with Tamiya Clear Red.

The model was washed with Reikland Flesh Shade from Citadel.  Tided up the base paint.

Silver was painted on the joints.


The base is black based and painted Beige Brown and a mixture Beige Brown and Metalic Red.

Washed with Tamiya Black Panel Line wash and weathered with Silver paint and Humbrol Rust and Earth powders.

















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