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Nissan skyline r34 gtr

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Hello everyone again

here is my finished tamiya r34 gtr

finally feeling like I’m nailing this modelling thing, a few minor mistakes that have been fixed and generally happy! 
kit was its usual high quality that I always see from tamiya, although it’s very visual only as it has no engine on this one. 
what do you guys think? 
Any suggestions on what to do next? 
thanks again 

Skyline 1

Skyline 2

Skyline 3

Skyline 4

Skyline 5 

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More detail
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Looks good, not a lot wrong with that one. One thing there is still time to do which will help add ot the realism - if you add a small bit of matt black paint to the recesses at the back of the exhaust it will make a surprisingly large difference.

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Very nice clean build, well done :) 

Just needs a couple of things IMHO to make it really stand out like a light pin wash on the panel lines to make them stand out and the indicators on the sides of the front wings need painting silver then clear orange on top when it dries.

Like the earlier post about the exhaust, little touches make a lot of difference :)

As to what to build next, it's your choice, there is a lot of choice out there, but as you're newish to the hobby I would stick with Tamiya as they fit together very well and it will build your confidence rather than a pig of a kit by another manufacturer that may not fit as well and knock your confidence back down

Either way, enjoy what you do and show us the result :) 




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