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OK, its not an aircraft, but thought it belonged here, more than the Armour section!


This is Iconicair's  1/32 resin David Brown tractor.  A very enjoyable model to make.  Im going to say the masters were 3d printed as there were some minor striations on the mudguards that needed to be sanded off.  It went together like a dream.  Yes, I realise my brass wire towing pin at the back needs to be painted!   I have tackled that since photos were taken. I also managed to lose a headlight, I still live in hope of finding it on the garage floor🧐 Mine has obviously been working on a muddy airfield.  Cant wait to attach some bomb trolleys to it.  Heres hoping we see a lot more airfield vehicles released in 32 scale.



untitled untitled-2 reveal3


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Nicely done :) 


There is actually a thread in the armour RFI section for 'airfield support' vehicles here: 


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