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Tamiya 1/35 Cromwell w/Black Dog Stowage & Miniart Figures


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Hey all,

Here's my Tamiya Cromwell. I used Black Dog Models stowage set and hessian set along with Miniart's Tank Crew & Tank Rider's set. The Black dog set utilises an all new resin turret as well as a whole load of stowage. I used a figure from the Miniart Tank Crew set along with the original kit commander along with the tank riders that Miniart do as well.

I painted the vehicle using Humbrol Enamels and I weathered it using a mix of oils, Ammo by MiG and pencils. 

Thanks for looking!


















Again, thanks for looking guys,



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I like this. It really makes a difference to a tank when we load it up with stowage.

I also like the bocage busting horns on the front. They make it look really mean. 

I couldn't help noticing from your first photo that the gun barrel opening is a little misaligned. Perhaps it needs reaming out with a round file?

Did the Cromwell come with rubber band tracks? I think it does, which was why I was impressed that you'd incorporated some sag into the top run. It's a small detail but adds to the feeling of Heaviness of the whole model.

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