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1/72 Wellington

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7 minutes ago, CMSCHLOM said:

Real nice build!  I would have never in a million years thought about the rib line.  But, for such a splendid build, I would dab a bit of putty on the top front turret mount, and brush some thinned paint.  Shouldn't take you long at all.  Had a bit of fun with mine too!


7 minutes ago, CMSCHLOM said:



What???...that is the coolest model I've ever seen, such a great tribute to James Allen Ward, I'm just so impressed. And yeah I split that joint when I pushed the turret in, but I've moved on to be honest, I'm an express modeller.

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6 hours ago, Dave Swindell said:

That's the fabric ballooning between the ribs due to the lower upper surface pressure whilst in flight.

The effect disappears completely on the ground. Unless you're closer than a couple of feet to the real thing you can't see any ribs in the fabric surface. 

The Airfix kit effect is refined but overstated, the Trumpeter kit effect is a grossly overscale caricature.

I did not know that, such a cool fact, I will keep that in mind on my next one, thanks, Owen


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