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Finished mk4 supra

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first ready for inspection please be kind! 
Thanks everyone who offered advice here to fix my paint work
Fairly happy with it, just ignore the disaster I had with the a pillar :/

made a few usual mistakes but generally happy with the finished result 

will be better next time 
R34 Skyline next!

Supra 1

Supra 2

Supra 3

Supra 4


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Everyone has to start somewhere, and this looks like a pretty good start. While I see what you mean about the A-pillar, it looks as though you managed to get a reasonable repair to it. You say you made the usual mistakes, but while it may not be perfect there's an awful lot more right with it than there is wrong - you seem to have the basics right and the trick is to learn from those mistakes (I can only see that A-pillar and a slight headlight misalignment so there's nothing major in there) and put that knowledge to use next time. That engine in particular looks very good.


Only one thing, it looks as though your links haven't come up as pictures for some reason. Someone who uses Imgur might be able to give you the proper way of displaying the image, but as a quick way if you right click on the image in Imgur and select 'Copy Image Link' you can paste it into here and the forum software will do the rest (as I have below with your first picture). You should make sure your picture isn't more than 1200pixels wide though or it places a bit of strain on the forum software and Mike won't be happuy with you! ;)




Now just got to hope that I haven;t done just that and posted up a big picture!

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