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Scribing panel lines


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Is there a particular tool used for scribing panel lines on aircraft models? I would like to try it but have no idea on how to go about it. How is it done? Are there any other aids I need?

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There are several tools, but basically you have three types:

- round needle scribe - best for curves and circles

- chisel-edge scribe - for straight lines

- thin photo-etched saw - useful for connecting the scribed lines on wing leading edges or fuselage spine, also the only way to scribe in resin without chipping.


There is only one firm rule of scribing: never scribe freehand. There are several types of scribing guide adhesive tapes and various shape templates available.


Here are some useful videos, there are dozens more online:





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I don't know any sets, but in Europe I would reccomend you get at least the first two (if not all three) MR paint scribers - narrow, needle and wedge; and the JLC (or CMK) saw.

Templates are available from Hasegawa, Eduard etc.

Scribe guide tapes are also available from various suppliers.


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