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A400M book - technical problem


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On friday, we received the copies of our two new books from the printers; DH-019 on the A400M and DH-020 on the Su-35S Flanker E. 


The Flanker E book is being shipped to all our resellers immediately, but unfortunately, we noticed that the A400M book had a problem. Due to a problem in finishing the book, one page wasn't glued to the back the way it should, risking it to detach completely. Because we want everyone to be 100% happy with our books and in consultation with the printers, we decided that we are going to reprint the book. This isn't an easy decision, but we want only the best quality for our readers.


So, the books will be reprinted and distributed early September, when our next two books will be released. But, as I said, our book on the Flanker E is now available! And we're very proud of it, I don't think many people have been so close to this modern Russian jet!


For those who were waiting on the A400M book, our apologies for the longer wait. We think it is worth it, the book is packed with great photos and loads of details!



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Ask and you shall receive . . . . . .  just had an email from the Aviation & Military Book Centre that the A.400M , Transall and EA-6B volumes are in stock and have duly ordered the lot. 


PS arrived and like the rest of the series are fantastic , one less excuse to start my Revell A.400M and multiple Transalls especially after I managed a computer crash and no backup copy lost the walkround of a Luftwaffe C.160D I had taken a few years back  . . . . .  wonder what's next?

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