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"The bar is in full swing, and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside... (NOW WITH PICTURES!!)

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46 minutes ago, perdu said:




Did you know that you can compose posts on Word and then copy and paste them here? Links to embed pictures worked (though they didn't transform into actual pictures until they arrived here). I lost all the formatting though so that bit has to be done here. It might be an easier way to compose posts that are more than one 'humorous' word.





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Thank you kind sir, very useful information and accepted in good, high spirits. :)



I have on occasion used  that same technique but generally, whether for fun or serious posting I prefer using the site's own 'tools and equipment'


As for posting images I have found postimg.cc to be an excellent photo site and it allows very fast linking from camera to site, often getting images out of my camera onto the post in a couple of minutes.


And it is a free service at present.


Welcome aboard, I am sure you are going to have fun and I reckon I will learn a lot about figure painting from your input.


My own face painting is to put it mildy, lacking in skill, nay ability.



Not a likeness huh?

Jolyon here is probably the best face I have managed yet so I do want to see what you can show me



Sorry if you thought I was to irreverent Psmith, maybe something I picked up from years of enjoying the works of Plum.


Welcome 👍

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32 minutes ago, perdu said:

PS if you would like me to remove these images please say so but do not Quote them yourself or I won't be able to take them out.

It's the way the software reacts, quotes stay as quoted, sorry.




Nah leave them there, they are charming. I'm not worried about irreverence either. I chose my BM name with that in mind. I thought Bertie would keep it all light-hearted. If anyone should be revered it ought to be you with your 13,80000000 posts!



p.s. I'm reading Nicholas Nickleby at present so the coach and horses was strangely un-unexpected. 😄

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thought of a new line
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