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Hello guys.This is a double build I did for a customer of mine.I have built both models OOB.I have tinted the canopies and used the least ammount of weathering possible.The painting was done with Hataka have glass followed by several coats of light coats of ak real colors gunship grey.The decals were a pain in the you know what and performed really bad.I had a lof ot problems while applying them.The kit itself is a great one with no issues of any kind durring the assembly.



























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You managed to achieve 2 identically looking models! ( but the numbers ;) )

You should go into series production!

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They look superb!


Really like the finish and the canopies look particularly sharp


I can see why the decals would have been difficult but I think you have done a great job with them



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Thanks guys.The canopies were tinted with several coats of tamiya smoke diluted with mr leveling thinner.The coats were sprayed on the outside of the canopy only because when I tried it on the inside it tended to pool up and create blobs and an uneven layer on the surface.

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Very nice job on the pair. I couldn’t see any problems with the decals, very well done.

good job on the canopy as well 

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