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Skywriting Texan - Monogram T-6 1/48 - Skylight's PH-NKD

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A completion for the Harvard/Texan GB, this is a local aircraft for me.

PH-NKD as she is known in her former life is an original WW2, 1942 built North American AT-6A Texan with C/N 78-6922,  41-16544.

(stats: https://www.t6harvard.com/dutch-harvards/n13fy-t6-harvard-t6-texan/ )

Bought by an enterprising local business man, and registered as PH-NKD, the AT-6A was equipped with a Diesel tank in place of the rear seating from which the oil was injected into the stretched exhaust.


Mr.Color Metal 211 Chrome Silver,
Vallejo 71.078 RLM04 Yellow,
Vallejo 71.124 Dark Green ANA612 for anti-glare,
Mr.Color H58 Interior green (and generic black/white/red for details)

Dropped the flaps, added ignition wiring on the engine, diesel tank in the rear and an extended exhaust from drilled-out sprue with scrap PE as brackets.

Decals: custom printed white logo, registration letters home-made.














And this is somewhere in there - the thick frames make pictures look silly if I put the canopy open :P




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That's a lovely model and the airfield photos made me look twice initially thinking it was photos of the real thing until I realised.  

Nice local connection,  that is an exhaust and a half too.

The monogram kit is lovely and builds well.   Great work


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