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FW 190 A-8/R2 – Eduard 1/72

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this time I propose a classic, the 'Sturmbock' which belonged to the Ltn. W. Gerth, an ace with 26 confirmed claims, mostly four engines. As always, the construction includes a series of changes and additions, but nothing important.


00d 017 10 copia


00E 016 10 copia


The aircraft, of the 11.(Sturm)/ JG 3, operated from Illesheim in July 1944.


FW190 A-8.R2 '13+~' Gerth 01


FW190 A-8.R2 '13+~' Gerth 09


FW190 A-8.R2 '13+~' Gerth 12


The camouflage, as always done exclusively by brush, was in the classic 74/75/76 (mixes of Humbrol Enamels).


FW190 A-8.R2 '13+~' Gerth 23


FW190 A-8.R2 '13+~' Gerth 25


FW190 A-8.R2 '13+~' Gerth 31


Finally an image of the lower surfaces.


FW190 A-8.R2 '13+~' Gerth 50


Hope you like.
Thanks for viewing
Criticisms and suggestions welcome.
Giampiero Piva

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That is outstaningly good. 

I struggle with these Eduard Fw190's, and am busy fighting one into submission now. 

But I will never get to your standard of detail or finish.

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Spelinge eruur
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I am always impressed by the quality of your work, considering the scale and the brush paint job! Forza e Bravo la Squadra!

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