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Revel '69 302 Boss.. What ever that means


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Hi Guys.

Well, made it here. I'm not a car freak, so this is going to be pretty much OOB.

I have always liked the worn out look that I saw on a episode of Fast & Loud(?), were they just cleaned up the worse of the damage/corrosion, then sealed the surface to protect it.

So this will be my attempt to replicate that sort of finish, so very little shiny paintwork, and a lot of rust, debris and patchy paint work.



Standard, easily available, Revel boxing. I'll spare you all the sprue shots, as everyone must have seen them a thousand times.


First up, is my hatred for plastic model chrome parts. I did not know how easily it is removed until very recently.



A 5 minute bath in cheap bleach and...



Magic. No more plastic'y chrome.

With that sorted, I have completed the engine.



Went together OK, Brush painted with a mixture of Tamiya acylics and Vallejo Metal Color. I Only have limited modelling kit ATM, as away with work, so may get a bit of detail added at a later date.


Wheels are a Work in Progress



Next up is the Body.



So, been playing with things. First up was just rubbing in AK-086 Dark steel pigment with a finger, which worked, but left a very bright and shiny finish.

Next up was trying AK451 True Metal. It's a waxy substance, in this case Metallic blue. Rubbed it over the pigment, which instantly disappeared, and just stained the plastic that baby blue you can see on the wing's.

So that was a failure.

Reapplied the pigment and sealed it with a 50/50 mix of Tamiya clear/thinner, only the Door at the moment. On a Plus note, it darkened the pigment quite nicely.

So, tried the True metal again, and it worked as I had hoped. Now all I have to do is repeat the process over the rest of the body.


May have the bonnet/hood and boot/trunk in a different effect, as if they had been replaced and have good paint work, but I'll decide that later



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