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FCM 36 ICM 1/35

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This week I've bought this model. It is a model of the an interesting WWII tank. I am very pleased, it appeared sa a classic injection kit. This one looks very good and promise relaxing building. There is only one think I do not like, the rubber tracks. I start builging of this kit.











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I was very interested in this kit when it was first announced.  I love early war armour and planned to buy this on release.


But I was able to watch some reviews first and I was left disappointed by a couple of things.


  • The tracks
  • Lack or interior and/or crew


I guess I could live with the rubber tracks, there isn’t much of them visible so no need to worry about sag.  But why on earth did they mould each track in two halves.  If they had been one piece, it would have been fine, there is no track sag visible and you could have hid the track join two.  But the way in which they have done the tracks means that one of the two joins will be visible.


I’m not usually a fan of interiors but this tank has a huge access panel on the front which gives this quirky tank a lot of character but if you model it open it is very clear that there is nothing inside.  As I said, not a huge fan of interiors but a driver figure to block most of view would have been a good compromise.  They have now released a version with figures but this has failed to address the problem - it has a commander sitting out of the back of the turret - very characteristic of these small french tanks, but the rest of the figures are civilians and crew stood by the side of the tank, no driver, what a pity.







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