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Sandbag Painting

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I am building my first diorama, and I am trying to include some sandbags. I have purchased the bags and brick wall from Tamiya, but they need to be painted. They indicate one colour in the plans which I can do, but I wonder if anyone has any further advice please, as to which colour(s), to make them look well used. The reason I ask is I am colour blind and thus need very specific guidance.



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I reckon any beige/buff colour would do.  Then a weak wash of dark brown.  You could do a light dry brush of the original colour after the wash.


That is a quick and simple way that should leave them looking reasonable and bring out any weaves and creases.


All depends on what level of detail and authenticity you are after.


Another thought would be to use several slightly different shades of the beige/buff - little darker, little lighter.  So the bags look similar but not identical.





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