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It's How Big... 1/35 Meng Char 2c


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Hi Guys.

Been waiting for this to start for a while. And wouldn't you know it, coincides with a work trip, 8weeks in Australia.

So first build I was attempting, was going to be a 2CV. But with 2 weeks in quarantine, and a choice of 3 kits, it didn't stand a chance.

So that's off the list. other 2 are aircraft and I really need a more comprehensive tool kit/workspace to build them (special Hobby Walrus with its resin interior, and eduard Spad XIII which looks very delicate to shove into a soft luggage bag and fly half way round the world.)

So what's a man to do. Aha, Metro hobby's in Melbourne (where I'm quarantining) has something, and we are allowed deliveries as long as the cops can inspect it for illegal stuff.

 So here goes build 1.




It's a big beastie, 69t of slow, under gunned, armour and steel.





Thats 27cm long at 1/35 scale. Unfortunately, I cant find the aftermarket tail or railway bogies.










A few of the sprues, and close ups for detail.

Looks good from first inspections, and looking forward to the off.

First up is 74 pairs of wheels. Sounds fun


Cheers for looking


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Fantastic choice Paul and hopefully one of many tanks/AFVs in the GB.


So typically French!


Welcome and good luck.

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At last this Build can start.

But First up is my wonderful wife's anniversary present to me.  She got gold, I got:



And after putting them to use, I can highly recommend single blade cutters. Lovely close cuts with little clean up required.


So first up was 74 wheel pairs, but the good thing is they are almost totally hidden by track skirts, so was a bit lazy with the clean up.

They drop into the slots and then a long pair of bars lock them in place.


then the side skirt is installed on the underside of the hull.

Lovely fit of all parts, and the skirt even has standoffs so the sit with a small gap.


Top hull is made of four sections, first up is the main center area.




Small amount of detail and hatches/covers fitted to front and rear, and a single piece of PE for the name plate. Left the single headlight off at the moment


next up are the side assembly's.





nicely made and engineered, went together nicely with good clear instructions, as those upper rollers all have different angles.

There is a slight difference between sides but minimal.

The sides then connect to the center section, with a good positive feel, giving this:






and final progress for now


turrets and engine box added for enjoyment, and pot of paint for scale.

It's definitely a big lump.


next bit is the engine exhaust area box, which looks interesting


cheers for looking and all comments welcome


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On 7/14/2021 at 1:48 PM, diases said:


If you dont mind me asking, what happened to the bottom of the front plate, it looks like it hasn't been molded correctly or you cut it up?

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Hi mig.

Test fitting shows its fine. The lower is just placed there for effect.

Their are "V" shaped plates for the slots that clamp the top and bottom plates together.


But not fitted yet as I had moved to my ship, and it fitted back in the box better for the flight and moving around.

Probably won't get much more done now till I return to UK in middle of August. But have started building up the engine exhaust box, and found the first bit of filler needed.

I'll try getting some pictures up later, of the progress.



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