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    • Citroën 2CV – Jean
    • Char B and Renault Light Tank – Stevej60
    • Peugeot 205EV – Redstaff
    • Renault FT17 – Jb65rams
    • AMX-13 – PlaStix
    • Renault taxi de la Marne – Bertie Psmith
    • Citroën 2CV – Scargsy
    • French Line Infantryman 1815 – Natter
    • Peugeot 206WRC – TimJ
    • Hotchkiss H35 – Ned
    • Renault FT-17 – HobbyPaul
    • Renault 12TL – Cliff B
    • ALAT Jeeps – Tim R-T-C

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  • 4 weeks later...

As war approached the French were worried that they might be short of fighter aircraft so they instructed Caudron to build a version of their racing aircraft that could be manufactured quickly. The result was the Caudron CR 714 which had a wooden wing and fuselage. Unfortunately only around 90 were produced before production was stopped as there were serious problem. Part of this was due to rushed development and limited testing, particularly with the engine, but although it was as fast as current French fighters, the combination of low power and a small wing resulted in a poor rate of climb.


Most of the planes were flown by Polish pilots who had escaped to France and had formed GC 1/145, and this is one of them, probably  flown by Ppor Alexi Zukowski when he shot down a Dornier 17P on June 10th 1940. They had been told that they should not fly the planes back in May, but as they had nothing else available they continued to fly them until evacuated to the UK on June 20th.


DSC05563-crop DSC05554-crop DSC05552-crop


The kit is by Mistercraft based on the ancient Heller moulding and was given to me by Pat @JOCKNEY as part of kit swap. It is a bit crude and probably not very accurate, but with a bit of work to the cockpit interior it came out quite well. So thanks to Pat for the kit and the organisers for the GB.



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Here is my little 1/43 Heller 2 CV Citroen.

This car does not look much, but it is a legend in its own right where people wear a beret and eat garlic for breakfast.

To make matters worse, I had never built a car before. Only rolled them...

So this was an acid test as far as I was concerned. It all started because of @JOCKNEY (See the above post of @PeterB to realize how far and wide his long and nefarious arms extend).

When all has been said and the finger pointed at Scotland, I really enjoyed this kit.


Here are a couple of photos:


2 CV GB Photo 23


2 CV GB Photo 22


2 CV GB Photo 20


2 CV GB Photo 21


This GB was special and fun.


Cheers all.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's my Aeropostale Caudron-Simoun, nice and blue!  Neat little kit.  Loads of possibilities for markings, scratch building, etc...I went OOB.  

Happy about it too.  I'll build it again as St.Ex...


WiP here...
















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Mirage IIII; Dassault' masterpiece, and the sexiest jet there is...


Modelsvit 1/72 Mirage IIIB-2 DD 250, 2/91 Bretagne, St.Dizier-Robinson, France, 1987


Surprisingly and enjoyable build considering the multimedia and mixed reviews of the kit. Yes it's tricky but really catch the sophisticated elegant looks of a Mirage III.


WIP can be found here;



Very sorry for the lousy pictures from my cellphone...


















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Et voila, a FAFL Hawker Hurricane Mk IIb, built from the 1/72 Fly kit, with a little bit of decal mixing and matching. Painted with mostly Tamiya acrylics, and weathered using burnt umber acrylic, Tamiya panel liner, and a "smoke" oil. I opted to model it with outer guns removed (apparently this was quite common) and the gun ports uncovered. 


WIP here: 



Here is the original:




And my version:







This Hurricane will join my growing collection of "Hawker Hurricanes around the world;" you can see progress on this project here:



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                                             Modelsvit Mirage IIIC E C 1/2 Cigognes Dijon Longvic Air Base 1967 


Paint Humbrol Metalcote brushpainted










Build thread here




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Breguet BR693AB.2

Aircraft No 93, 1 Escadrille G8A I/54, Toulouse-Francozal airbase, 25 June 1940. The commander of 1 Escadrille used this machine to attack advancing German forces on 6 June.










Azur 1/72nd scale kit, ColourCoats enamel paints.


WIP thread here:


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Peugeot 205 EV2

This is a kit I bought cheap to fill a gap in my 80s rally car collection

Very basic kit with fit isssues, only 41 parts in total, more decals than plastic bits. It looks ok from the outside, but would have needed a hell of a lot of work to get it up to Tamiya/Hasegawa standards. Not even any seatbelt decals or glass for the doors and vinyl tyres.

The fit of the doors is particularly poor 

It looks ok on the shelf with the rest of them, so I'm happy enough with the end result

Built OOB using Halfords gloss white aerosol and Tamiya acrylics for the detail bits

Thanks for looking 


20210905_200551_resized 20210905_200557_resized 20210905_200608_resized 20210905_200617_resized 20210905_200629_resized


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Caudron-Renault C.714 'Cyclone' 



No.9 was flown by Sgt. Uher in May 1940, GC I/145 based at Villacoublay, the main French fighter base, to protect Paris.

They were joined there for a short while by the remaining 16 Curtiss H-75s from GC I/4 that operated from Dunkerque-Mardyck over Zeeland, Western Brabant and Belgium/Flanders in the first weeks of the war. 









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In the spirit of the GB, my objective was to choose a subject as French as Charles Aznavour playing pétanque with Brigitte Bardot in the middle of the Champs Élysées (to a soundtrack by Jacques Brel). So here we are, with my finished offering.


It could only be one kit manufacturer, really: the venerable Heller (pron. “Ell-aire”!). This is their 1/72 Potez 540 kit, first issued in 1967, built almost entirely OOB (for if you seek aftermarket for this kit, you will find none!), with the addition of scratchbuilt seatbelts and navigation lights. This is the most recent “Musée” boxing, which comes with two new schemes to add to the ’67 original: I chose this rather handsome (in as much as the 540 could be handsome) government-registered plane that was used to ferry General Charles de Gaulle around French possessions in Africa in 1941. I’ll stick my neck out a bit and opine that you can’t get much more French than that!


For an old kit it built up really nicely. I did some modest panel line scribing, and the main assembly goes together beautifully; the side walls of the fuselage only took on their elegant tapering curves when glued around the ceiling and floor panels, and then, as if by magic, the nose panel and canopy fit perfectly. It’s quite clever. All that stuff under the wings was very fiddly of course! I didn't go searching too hard for information about the accuracy of the model; the most obvious issue is the ribbing of the fabric wings, which is exaggerated: the ribs are too many in number and too deep. I briefly considered having a go at sorting them, but quickly decided that it would take a modeller with more skill and patience than me to get it right. Painting was by brush with Humbrol enamels. I struggled with the turrets and canopies a bit, I used Montex masks for the main canopies and Tamiya tape for the turrets and had problems with sections of framing coming away with the masks, but I persevered with a bit of cocktail stick touching-up. The main exterior colour is no. 71, which was a pig to work with but I got there. Just a light enamel wash on top, et Robert est le frère de ta mère.


Many thanks to @Wez, @JOCKNEY, @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @Jasonb13 for hosting this very enjoyable GB, I’ll continue to watch the delightfully varied additions to the gallery.


Build thread here for them what's interested:
















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At blooming last I hear you say !


Yes finally my Azur Latecoere 298 is finished. It's a lovely looking aircraft,  very sleek for its day, and with the exception of the struts joining the floats to the aircraft a very enjoyable one to build.


Thanks for all the support and encouragement along the way


Pictures below, I hope you like it.


Cheers Pat












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This is a handsome aircraft from this heady days of the mid-Cold War.  I gave it a little age since it had been around for about 10 years.  The kit is pretty good too, but caution with the fragile decals.  Maybe shop them out in the aftermarket.


WiP here...















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Maurice Anrnoux started the 1935 Coupe Deutch de la Meurthe flying Caudron C.460 and finished with Caudron C.450. WIP thread here



Caudron C.450 is the race number 3 an C.460 is the number 6.








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Unfortunately I only have a build segment for one of these. This was sort of a group project. I stream building them so I do have the build vlogs for them all. I'll put the link to the article at the  bottom so you can check them out if you want to. 


Article: Click here


I made this little airfield to try and display it. It's not super great, but I wanted to show the history of Patrouille de France as one set. I built them all during the group build period but I forgot to post for most as I tended to build it one day in a stream, then stream finishing it the next. 












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AMX-13 French Light Tank

Tamiya 1/35

Kit: Tamiya 1/35 Kit No. 35349

Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Vallejo, Citadel and Railmatch acrylics all applied by brush

Base: Wilko picture frame, picture frame backing board MDF from a larger frame, Polystyrene, emery paper, Woodlands Scenics Blended Turf, Army Painter grass tufts/flowers and a Tamiya road sign.


The Work In Progress thread can be found HERE











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