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Tamiya Chieftain - finished!

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My very first Tamiya and my very first 1/35, this kit has a very close link to my family. My grandad drove Chieftains at the same time in the same place and in the same regiment - and a close family friend fixed them. So I tried my hand at it.

The kit is excellent, maybe the best I've ever done. No flash and all the parts fitted flush, I would recommend. Everything apart from the barrel. It's wonky, and it wouldn't sit right without the first piece having a massive gap, so I'm gonna have to live with it. If you it's have any advice I'd love to hear it.

Tamiya gets top marks from a newbie builder,  and it sits well on my shelf :)

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You won't get a great deal of interest if you just use a link to see your work. You need to sign up to a photo hosting site such as Village Photos or Flickr. Have a look in FAQ's for more info.



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Hi Bored man, 

As the colleague above says, a single link and on Pinterest, it will not generate much interest (I do not see more than one photo and very small ...), there are many sites to host photos that are very friendly and that are free (like Imgur , which is the one I use after Photobucket changed its hosting policy).
From what you say, you are passionate about "Chaffy", I wanted to make one for a long time, the same as you, but after the years, I was able to choose a newer one (TAKOM).
If you want to take a look, give me a whistle.
Cheers and TC

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I have to agree with both @Bullbasket and @FrancisGL. A link to one very small and not brilliant quality Pinterest picture doesn't really do it. From what I can see, I know I would like to see better closer images, as I'm sure you have done a pretty good job.


I use Flickr, which is free to use for up to 1000 images.



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