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BFC change?


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Hi Bozothenutter


I think they change every six months or so.  Like you, I had absolutely zero interest in Mig 21's (or any modern jets, for that matter), which was all they offered.  So I didn't bother signing up with BFC.   Then, about 2 years back, they suddenly had a 1/48th Bf 109 as a club joining kit.  I joined immediately.  I saved the entire cost of that double combo kit at their stand the following November at Telford.*


All I can suggest is that (a) you send an e-mail to Eduard, as king them to make some changes or (b) wait around until they put up something that you like...or both.


The reduction in price is worth it if you buy a lot of Eduard stuff, even online.   Now that Brexit has happened, those of us within the EU  (like you in the Netherlands and me in Ireland) can avoid the nasty extra VAT, plus courier/post "fees", which apply to anything bought from the UK.




*still haven't built the 2 kits, though!

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