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Imperial Star Destroyer - With Lighting (Randy Cooper 1/1500 NEW Version)

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Long time ago.... I built The MKI version of Randy Cooper's ISD.


Always been a huge admirer of the Star Destroyer ever since EPVI and the famous FLY-OVER chasing the Blockade Runner. Decided to model the latest rendition, as featured in the Film "Rogue One"


This is the most recent and more accurate MKII version, which is actually longer than the original. Now 43" (110cm in length)


Model features 2 Additional Blockade Runners & 2 Millennium Falcons


Built this during Lockdown last Year - 3 months work


Aluminum 40mm Tube runs 3/4 length through the fuselage supports for strength.


Custom made stand with integral A/C socket for the lighting adapter.


This time the Model has Lighting & a host of Shapeways 3d Printed upgrades for the ultimate finish.


Lots of pictures to come, here is the first:








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Hello @Silverstone 2,


Sorry to say but I cannot see any pictures.


I don’t know for sure but suspect they might be too large for practical internet use as I can see where they are trying to download onto my screen but they seem to be taking an impossibility long time.


I’m not sure that this is the problem but if the photos are bigger than about 100kb I would shrink them and re-post.


Good luck,


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Not a single one is showing for me either :( I copied a link into a new tab, and it was presenting me with the OneDrive login page.  I think you need to redo them in a different way.  They're probably showing your end because you're logged into it. :hmmm:

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6 minutes ago, Silverstone 2 said:

Is that working now?

Doesn't seem to be.  They're still all collapsing down to the "spacer.png" placeholder pale grey box.  If there's an option to "copy URL", try that, if you're not already doing so.  I'm not familiar with OneDrive myself, but I'm sure I've heard someone say that even when it works, the links are only semi-permanent and fail after a while.  I could be wrong there, as things change, so don't take my word for it :)

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On 7/3/2021 at 1:32 AM, saturnapollo said:

Very impressive indeed.


Now we just need photos of it against a black background!




...with the lights on.


Fine work!

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