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Bright Blue Brietling - The L-39 from KP with Kopro decals

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The Breitling team always had a rather smart paint scheme in my opinion. It was also the first display team I saw using the L-39 (if memory serves right). I loved the look of the L-39. It's somehow both aggressive yet rather handsome. I bought these decals a month or so ago. As many of you know, I've lost most of my stuff so I'm starting from scratch (and given the long break, seemingly my skills too). I'm trying to avoid 'stashing' - so I sourced an L-39 which I got for £6 including postage. Little did I know how....eccentric this old kit can feel. 


I had some issues with the decals not fitting under the engine intake. A few little rips and tears along the way, but the important thing? I had fun. It was a quick, easy, and enjoyable model to build! I think it looks way better than my Fouga did!


As usual, full review is on my site, and the video below shows full construction (but not painting...as it's just blue).








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You're right about them being a handsome aircraft, there was one based local for several years, also blue & I loved the look of it, it always appears very urgent & business-like getting along. Your build catches the look of it nicely.


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I always liked the L39 and its stable mate the L59 and it looks good in that scheme. 


You do seem to like your jet trainers and indeed blue colour schemes, hairwise too.


Certainly a colourful theme. Excellent. 


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