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We have just been informed by our shipping company of further increases in far east shipping


Prior to September 2020  a cost of a 20 foot container was all in about £2500


November container £5,000


January Container  £6000


Our last 20 foot container cost ( landed at all in £7,000


We have just booked at Container to leave China in the next two weeks and that will cost us £11,000 with all charges.


So what does this mean,  at the moment we are holding our prices for all goods released to our Trade customers on pre-order, Tiger Hobbies Policy is once we priced something on release we will stick to it.


Future we may have to increase all our prices about 15% poss early in 2022 or late 2021 on new items for release or re-stocks after that date.


In the larger Hobby Picture we are seeing a problem for New Hobby products to find UK Distributors, and I expect there will be current brands that UK importers may have to dump as they are not viable to import when you take into account all cost involved with importing.






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We are having the same problems at work - very similar price hike pattern to your own - £2k became £5k then £8k & now £10k.


We import containers of 2mm float glass from Thailand - which is what you find in picture frames.  A container holds around 4000 sheets of 4' x 3' glass - so the cost of each sheet has gone up by over £2 per sheet - this has proved impossible to absorb & caused me a few headaches in the last couple of months.

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We had our local MP up for chat ( grilling ) about this and the fact the Gov does not seem to be taking notice, or they seem to have bigger fish to fry


Our problem is exactly the same, depending on products, Hobby Master Diecast small and expensive is not as effected as larger bulkier and overall cheaper Plastic kits.


I suspect some plastic kits by some UK importers will be temp dropped as it has become not viable any more without huge price increase.



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Insurance costs may be a contribution, but I gather the main problem is still that there are large stacks of full containers either awaiting distribution (import or export) or for whatever reason yet to be returned full or empty to the awaiting producers.  So a shortage of containers has driven up the price, not to mention the cost of ships awaiting cargoes or returning empty..

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We have informed all our retail network that any products that we have released information for such as price will be will be kept at that price, with no increase up until approx October 2021,


After that any new product or re-stocks ( not likely to be any re-stocks until this crisis is over) will be prices according to what we have to pay exchange rate and shipping rate.


We expect when the price rise does come it will be approx 15%.


Also until further notice on new released products, we will only import to order so we have to move the minimum so we don't have over priced stock in our warehouse.  ( i.e we will order what our trade customers order and no more)


So please take advantage of the following Tiger Hobbies far east brands from our retailers. 


So to re-instate any product that we have already released the price and is being promoted by our retail net work is price protected no matter what the shipping rate does.   Price rise will be on new release information from now.


Hobby Master Diecast

Very Fire Ships

Zoukie Mura

Gecko Models

Classy Hobby

Vespid Models


Great Wall Hobby 


The exception is Pig Models the 1/1 Tank Shells, this range as been suspended until after the crisis is over.  The goods come from Taiwan and they cannot be consolidated with other products, and shipping on these as gone up 400 to 500% 










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